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Todd Davis, Luxury Real Estate Services

Exceptional Experience. Customized Service. Outstanding Results.

When you commission Todd Davis, you are not simply hiring a realtor. You are collaborating with an experienced professional dedicated to providing outstanding customized service. It will be both a pleasant and enriching experience that will culminate in your buying the home that is ideal for you or selling your home for the best price possible. Please read on for specific details on why I may be the best luxury realtor fit for you in Coastal Southern California.

Experience That Enhances Understanding

My professional and personal experiences have enabled me to understand the lifestyles and needs of high-end homeowners in the Coastal Southern California area. I grew up in Orange County and lived in Laguna Beach during my high school and college years, which gave me first-hand knowledge of Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and Dana Point lifestyles. I returned to the area more than five years ago, to live in South Laguna and sell luxury real estate. However, my knowledge of real estate and high-end clientele runs broader and deeper than that. I dedicated 15 years to living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico, specializing in selling luxury real estate and leasing high-end vacation homes through my agency, Casas de Santa Fe. I still own the company and travel to Santa Fe each month to monitor the business. Through this experience, I have become an expert at luxury vacation rental management, offering clients consulting advice on marketing, pricing, furnishing and best leasing practices. When it comes to knowing the specific value of a home, I draw from a 20-year executive career in the kitchen and bath industry, which familiarized me with trends in interior and architectural design, and the housing market overall. Not to mention what I learned from personally remodeling seven homes throughout my adult life. From staging advice and remodeling tips, to creative ideas on decorative updates, my keen eye and sensibility can help showcase your home at its best and optimize its market value.

A Focus on Distinctive Locations

If you are looking to buy or sell a luxury property in the Coastal Orange County area, I’ve got you covered—from the boutique neighborhoods of Newport Beach, such as Balboa Island and the Peninsula Point, to the special and highly sought-after neighborhoods of Laguna Beach, such as Woods Cove, South Laguna, North Laguna’s Tree Streets and gated oceanfront communities, including Three Arch Bay, Lagunita, Montage, Emerald Bay and Irvine Cove. These areas typically attract a global clientele looking for luxury properties with extraordinary views in diverse communities rich in culture. Average market prices today for homes in these areas range from $2,500,000 to $40,000,000.

Dedicated Customized Service

Of course, the task of any realtor is to pair the right property with the buyer, and to find the right buyer for the seller. At the luxury level, however, I succeed in taking how those tasks are accomplished up several notches. What ingredients make my service outstanding enough to meet the expectations of high-end clientele like you?
  • High standards of professionalism.

    The foundation of my business relationships is supported by key qualities: integrity, trustworthiness, authenticity, efficiency, timely response, attention to detail and exceptional negotiating skills.
  • Excellence driven by personal passion.

    I think of my role as one that serves both individuals and the community. I consider it joyful work and my “calling” to exceed expectations. It is dedication that prompts me to daily educate myself about the market and changing listings. I evaluate the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), read real estate articles and engage in real estate webinars to stay on top of market data in order to support my clients. Through brokerage websites and contacts in the real estate sector, I scout out potential winning properties that go well beyond listings I currently carry.
  • Engaging personal interactions.

    Whether the client is buying or selling a home, I view the process as a true collaboration. I serve my clients well by being a good listener, learning about their lives and preferences in order to make the best property or buyer match for them. I embrace an intuitive approach, getting to know my clients so well that I can anticipate and satisfy their needs and requests, especially when it comes to day-to-day interactions.

Coping with COVID-19

In case you are wondering if you need to postpone your home purchase or sale until the COVID-19 crisis is fully resolved, be assured that you do not. Realtors are considered “essential workers” and many precautions and procedures are required and in place to keep both prospective buyers and sellers safe during the process.
• A COVID Advisory, signed by the buyer, the seller and the realtors, allows a showing and touches on the risk of showing a home to someone from the public.
• During the showing, precautions such as wearing booties, latex gloves and masks are undertaken
• Before and after the home showing, I wipe down all door handles, knobs, light switches, appliances, etc., with Clorox spray on a fresh towel.
• Before the showing, I stand outside the home, introduce the property to the prospective buyers, and instruct them to do a self-guided tour. After the tour, they meet me in the garden to go over their questions.
• All buyers have a home inspection and we follow up on any additional inspections the inspector recommends. During the COVID-19 crisis, the inspection period can take longer, but it is an essential part of the home buying process.
I’d love to serve you and navigate you through the world of luxury real estate in Coastal Southern California. Please contact me soon!

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